Meet Christina Wilson

Meet Christina Wilson, Coach for Moms of Autistic Children

As a mom of an autistic, you have an opportunity to grow and learn new things about yourself.

But the challenges associated with autism take a big toll on you. You’ve stopped tending to your own life and that’s not going to serve you for long. Your autistic child needs to see you model self-care and you deserve support.

That’s where I come in.

My 30 years of experience in human behavior, PhD in Psychology, years of parenting an autistic child, and coaching certification make me a unique resource for moms of autistics.

To have a positive impact with my autistic child I needed to master my mindsets and nurture myself. Positivity is now my superpower.
It’s your turn to thrive.

I created Thriving Moms of Autistics to help moms of young autistic children like you tap into your strengths, create a supportive community and set firm boundaries.

You deserve high praise for getting to this point on your own. Now reach out for a thinking partner and guide. Let’s shoot for AMAZING!

Christina’s Professional Background and Education

Christina lives with her husband and son in Indiana. When not working with moms of autistics, she enjoys fun family outings that embrace learning opportunities, culture, and wellness. Her mission is to influence others to live a positive centered life.